Inline Skates

Inline skates are the evolution of the most popular roller skates, coming from an intuition by Scott Olson, a US hockey player who in the 1980's expressed the need to have skates, similar in shape and structure to ice skates, but to be used on lawn or on other hard surfaces. Scott Olson did not know that, from a simple request to improve his training, he had just started a phenomenon that in a short time would have originated a lifestyle boom that changed the sports and leisure sector all around the world, particularly in the newborn suburban culture. Not only for professional athletes, inline skating is also perfect for all amateur sportsmen who, during breaks from work or weekend, love to go around the city in an easy, safe and fashionable way. Unlike traditional skates, inline skate is characterized by an appealing and contemporary design, inspired by the urban street style codes, giving a look halfway between sporty and casual. Roces developed several comfortable, versatile and stable inline skate models, a good way to get familiar with this sport or just enjoy the outdoors trips peacefully. Roces has always paid close attention to professional skating, offering an inline skate that can guarantee high performance thanks to the use of super-lightweight materials and thicker wheels, which make them much faster on the track. Check out our catalog to find the inline skate that best fit your needs: you will find extendable children inline skates and high quality inline skates that will suit your needs in any condition and situation!
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