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18 Item(s)

IDEA is the only ski boot that grows with the child

Roces IDEA is the Extensible Ski Boot created by Roces in 2006. Roces IDEA is a revolutionary product, the only ski boot that grows with your child . The Adjustable Ski Boot allows a family to significantly save on purchasing costs, as with a single pair of child ski boots you can cover a range of 6 sizes, therefore accompanying child growth for several years with the same boot.

6 in 11

Through the patented “6 in 1” device the size of the boot can be easily adjusted, allowing you to save money on a traditional ski boot.

saving compared to traditional boots
roces idea characteristics


The variety of materials and technology used in manufacturing have made IDEA a high quality boot perfectly suited to introducing children to the sport of skiing in an easy, technically efficient and absolutely safe manner.

  • Shell: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Buckles: Aluminum (ALU) and Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Pad: Slow memory foam
  • Lining: Easy Entry System Lycra and velvet


liner bellows system

The staple feature of IDEA’s liner is a unique adjusting system. Unlike any other system today the bellows allow real growth of the liner allowing for the natural development of the foot. The Liner Bellows System (LBS) has been devised to avoid any uncomfortable pressure through all parts of the foot. The bellows (LBS) system allows the liner and shell to work in tandem to produce a fit that is accurate, comfortable and warm. In fact the natural/resting position of the liner is with the bellows extended to the largest size (PIC. A), while shortening the shell makes the bellows compress (PIC. B) into smaller sizes. It is easy to see that it is not the foot that makes the liner grow, but the shell itself.


These extensible ski boots are available in white, red, black, blue and dark pink colors (subject to availability) with sizes ranging from 16 to 25.5 MP (24 - 40 EU), covering an age range from 2 at 14 years.