Patines en linea mod. ValoTV 3 Blanco

Patines en linea mod. ValoTV 3 Blanco

If u are looking for a feeling of freedom you are looking for Valo TV 3

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219,99 € -50% 110,00 €


Valo TV 3 is the alternative way of skating. The main feature of this kind of inline is of course the style but also the high quality materials such as the alu buckles and the Pa-Glass fiber soul plates. If u want an aggressive skate Valo TV 3 is the right choice.

Technical Data 

Soul Plates : PA e Glass Fiber  Buckles: Aluminium Footbed: PP Cuff and Shell: PU Replaceable cover and liner: Synthetic material and neoprene for padding Skin: leather and synthetic material


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