Roller Skates

Roller skates, also called quad skates, are the ideal companion for those who love to stay fit in total freedom during the holidays, for those who want to spend a weekend in town with some sparkle, for those who considers the fitness a veritable culture. Roller skates are all of that and much more. Roller skating is a very good exercise for you to keep in shape: roller skating reinforces your abdominals and thigh muscles. It is a complete aerobic workout, and equals jogging in terms of health benefits. The roller skate, as we know it today, although it looks like a simple product, is the result of a long work of refinement and study. The most popular models are made of a boot, often made of soft synthetic leather; a chassis, which acts both as a coupling between the boot and the wheels, and as an helm, to handle the movement flexibility movement and the stability; the four wheels, the main element of the skate, which differs in thickness and material used, depending on whether the purpose is amateur or agonistic. Roces offers numerous roller skate models to meet all the needs and levels of skill of the different customers: from the more stable, comfortable and durable quad skates, the ideal roller skate for beginners; to the professional, fast, flexible and soft ones. Check this section of Roces online store: there is an always growing range of roller skates available! You can find roller skates for adults, roller skates for kids and youth, roller skates for women and girls, and much more.

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