BOLD SKI® Summer Skiing

The BOLD SKI® is a sporting tool with no equal (covered by an international patent) that allows skiing during summer, in the absence of snow. The innovative and ingenious feature of the BOLD SKI® is to recreate the skiing carving technique. Both in winter and summer, ski enthusiasts will always be able to train and have fun with the BOLD SKI®. These summer skis, although they provide a perfect emulation of the traditional skiing movements, are technically distinct from the classic skis: they are equipped with three front wheels and three rear wheels, four of which are always in support while bending, so you have the feeling of driving a pair of carving ski on snow. The wheels, made of a durable material, allow you to use BOLD SKI® on any surface, so you can keep fit even during the summer. BOLD SKIS® are made of lightweight and durable materials that allow the user to practice summer skiing with ease and safety, even using winter ski boots, because the attack is the same of the classic skis. Discover our BOLD SKI® collection!

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