black-silver 022 IDEA UP 19.0-22.0 black-silver
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IDEA UP 19.0-22.0 black-silver

IDEA is the first and only ski boot that grows with the foot of your baby. The size of the ski boot is adjustable through the patented "6 in 1" mechanism in an easy and fast way. Model 19.0 - 22.0 equates to European sizes from 30 to 35, which corresponds to an age group from 5 to 10 years .

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Official Roces Product
Designed in Italy
158,00 € -27% 115,00 €


The IDEA UP 19.0 - 22.0 ski boot model covers European sizes from 30 to 35, and is therefore ideal for children from 5 to 10 years old.

IDEA is the first and only Extensible Ski Boot that grows along with your child. IDEA was born with the intent of responding to a market need: helping families tackle the spending of children's ski boots, that have to be replaced every season. The IDEA patented "6 in 1" system allows your boots to grow with your child's foot up to 6 sizes for each model! The height (Height G.C.) and width (Width G.C.) adjustment system allow the ski boot to fit perfectly to the foot of the child: the IDEA ski boot does not just lengthen!

The modern, sporty and aggressive design of Roces IDEA makes it a fashionable product that will appeal to the youngest, but above all its wide range of colors is perfect to satisfy every taste! This model is available in Black/White/Red, White/Blue/Black, Black/Lime, White/Red/Black, White/Pink, Pink/White.

Over the years, technical improvements have been introduced, making the IDEA ski boot convenient and practical in every situation, such as introducing a Self-Positioning Liner Tongue, a semi-soft sheath wrapping the hull (Self-settling Shell wrap), increasing the Infiltration Resistance, a Slow Memory Recovery Foam, which increases the well-being of the skier even under intense cold conditions.

The IDEA Ski Boot is also the ideal choice for charterers, as it allows drastically reducing inventory costs, as its 3 models can cover up to 18 MP sizes.


  • Sizes: adjustable 19.0-22.0 MP / 5-10 years old
  • Shell: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Micrometric Buckles: Aluminium (ALU) and Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Padding: Slow memory foam
  • Lining: Lycra for the Easy Entry System, Velvet
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