Skateboard-mod. MATRIOSKULL

Skateboard-mod. MATRIOSKULL

MATRIOSKULL is the ideal skateboard for guys who want to show their skateboarder soul.

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The Skateboard MATRIOSKULL is equipped with 9 ply china maple with double kick concave. Thanks to the wheels 50x36mm,85a pvc injected white colour is the ideal skateboard for every skateboarder.


  • Deck: dt-1 shape 9 plys china maple, 31x8” X11MM,double kick concave
  • Griptape: normal
  • Bearings: ABEC 3 chrome steel
  • Wheels: 50x36mm, 95a PU casted, white color
  • Truck: alu heavy duty, sandy
  • Cushion: PVC 90-94A, black
  • Risepad: PE 6mm black
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