Ski Upgraded-mod. BOLD SKI SUMMER

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The BOLD SKI are sporting tools with no equal (internationally patented) allowing to ski on slopes with no snow.
The brilliant newfangled peculiarity lies in their power of creating precisely the same carving skiing technique on a surface other than the snow.


Provided with three front and three rear wheels each, four of which are constantly resting on the ground during any curve, the Bold Skis convey exactly the same feeling got from a pair of traditional carving skis on the snow. The boards, to which the wheels are connected (the side ones are able to move thanks to a special fork), is built and shaped exactly like a high range ski, while the bindings are downright traditional ski bindings (therefore you can use the Bold Ski with the same boots you exercise in Winter skiing). This allows the competitive skiers to train constantly even in summer time (with a remarkable save of money and time), the aficionados to amuse themselves on the low hills round the corner and the beginners to improve the leading technique at any time. "BOLD SKI. 99% SKIING. (1% IS NO SNOW)."

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